Over 4,000 cyber attacks occur every day.

Are you prepared?

Learn the cyber security foundations with our science based learning methodology.

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Self-paced learning from October 14

Labs on October 21 & October 28

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24 Hours of deep learning time

All learner/tutor resources

Spaced learning activities

Up to 6 months follow-up

Immersive virtual labs using science based training techniques

Actions to move skills from training to practic

Certification in Cyber Security Foundations

Access to our mobile app for learning on-the-go

Full access to our learning platform for 1 year

Continuous mentoring and feedback from cyber security experts

9 hours of guided learning.

15 hours of self-paced learning.

Fully online.

Information Security and Cyber Security

Ethical Hacking

Security Frameworks

Foundations of Cyber Security.

Content you will cover in this programme

Risk Management

Incident Management

Social Engineering

Goal of the programme.

To give you the professional skills, knowledge and attitude to...

Make more informed decisions.

Assess, manage and report on cyber security issues.

Reduce risk and build cyber resilience.

Manage a crisis and recover the situation.

Maintain business continuity.

Who is this programme for?

We designed this programme for business professionals who want to get a broader view of the cyber security domain and the risks involved. You might already be in IT, a management or business role or IT support. Whatever your role, participating in this programme will give you the skills and knowledge to manage, make decisions and to recover from crisis situations.

Stellar Labs Methodology.

At Stellar Labs we focus on the learner and how they digest new information in the most effective way to guarantee results. We bring you challenging and enjoyable programmes by combining the latest insights from computer science, neuroscience, data science and social sciences.

Meet your expert mentor.

Matthijs Nelissen


Matthijs Nelissen is co-owner of Cyber4Z, dedicated to cybersecurity consulting with Dutch and international clients. He has thrived for over 15 years in IT with a specialization in security, ensuring clients maximise their security through risk management, projects and audits.

He is currently security manager at a major chip machine manufacturer where he implements security risk management processes enabling them to maintain their position as a market leader. He also assesses and audits the ISO 27001 standard.

Co-owner, Sr cyber security consultant,

(+10yrs of cyber security expertise)

Advisory board.

International experts who validate our programme.

Chris Novak (US)


Global Director, Threat Research Advisory Center,

(+20yrs of cyber security expertise)

Stella Collins (UK)

Stellar Labs

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer,

(+20yrs of L&D expertise)

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